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noun: mutant; plural noun: mutants
1. a mutant form.
synonyms: freak (of nature)


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Magic Anons


gonna be like chaging up their backstries and shit too a bit.. or whatnot -- header/no header? then remake fourkittens, then plsa








This man is a rapist. His name is Steven James and he is not 30 years old. He is 43 years old, a travel nurse, and a pedophile. Do. Not. Trust. Him.

This looks like OKC so if you use it and love around Raleigh, stay safe!!

(This is actually the tinder application which is a lot easier to hide on than OKC)-Steven James is active within the BDSM community and the adult entertainment industry. He targets young, white, single mothers. (my family were not his first victims) As a travel nurse he bounces from hospital to hospital in the tri-state area and is known to frequent Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem, Statesville, and Kernersville.

He raped me for nine months from the day I turned twelve until my family moved out of his condo in winston salem. When I returned to Chapel Hill he continued to make trips to visit my family and abused me while he was here. In March of 2006 I disclosed about my abuse to my art teacher who contacted department of social services and the police. when Winston Salem authorities were made aware of the case they sent social workers to his home to ask him about the allegations. To avoid losing his nursing privileges he fled to Ohio for a few years until things died down.

He is extremely dangerous, armed, and has extensive knowledge of technology (including how to find me should he see this). I am prepared for the backlash associated with this post and its reblogs. I am prepared to deal with the possible shut down of my blog for this post. I am prepared for him to find me. He has taken drastic steps to change his appearance, including what looks like botox and collagen injections. I am wholly positive that I am not mistaken. You do not forget the face of the person who killed what was inside you and you never will.

I know that I will never get justice for what he has done and the subsequent events that followed my disclosure, but I hope that with this post he wont be able to ever hurt someone else.Thank you for all of the support i have received. Thank you for your words, your efforts, your reblogs, your thirst for justice.

Be safe, be aware, be critical.


Signal boost the hell out of this. This man is very dangerous. You could save a life.


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I'm gonna try and get more done tonight. But I had to put up my new sidebar I just made because perf. TFIOS is such a good movie and I can't wait to actually get this done to RP my Hazel and Gus <3 I also plan on working on my rpgs and chara. blogs and my fan blog and read and maybe make a blog just for everything tfios? and maybe post some stuff on my fan blog.. if I get that far today. Anyways, be back lata! Okay? Okay.

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character list is UP. now just need to finish the page and get bios up. then i have a disney indie to make later and other shit to work on. idk but im really fucking stressing so im heading off for the night bc finals. i need to start on them. also, bare with me because finals are this week so i might not be on as much okay ily all bye.

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More Anti-Rape Hacks Here

Holy shit, Lifehackable posted something useful. 
Except Rohypnol isn’t salty - GHB and other date rape drugs are kinda salty, but Rohypnol isn’t 
Rohypnol is BITTER. If your drink is saltier, it’s GHB, if it’s bitter it’s Rohypnol. 
Either way, keep safe, friends. 

reblogging for comment!

So basically, if the taste of your drink suddenly changes in any way, spit that shit out. Got it.

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who here watches Skins UK? who here knows who Nick Levan is? Now, what about Matty? should I add them on to this indie account or on my Pretty Little Sex Addicts Indie?

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Who wants to keep me company while I finish up my blog and characters page?

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Do the thing with me yo


i want—need—to do the thing


Okay, well, I need help. >< Tell me. What did you name Theo, Shailene, and Ansel for this indie?

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Do the thing with me yo


I’ve never seen it????

Well, yeah, it is. Haha. Like Dylan's character (Dave) talks Aubrey through the sex. :P

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Do the thing with me yo


firsts and virgins and dating and sweet talking while doing the do


alex could be kinda experience whereas jack would be a total virgin. and like they could talk about it and Jack could be like scared, but Alex would like reassure him and then they like go out on a romantic date to watch the stars or even to dinner and then back home and they could do the do and alex would like continuously reassure him and tell him he’s doing great and tell him what to do to get his entire length into that poop hole and then BOOM CUTE

so basically like the movie The First Time? um okay...

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Do the thing with me yo


if we do jalex, we should throw it in aus tho

but that seems like the easiest thing to do

so let’s do jalex


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